One-year anniversary

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 5.22.49 PM

It’s been one-year since my sister and I left on our fateful trip to Costa Rica; the trip that refreshed our lives and shaped 2013 to be the first year we finally felt like we were living the lives we’d always dreamed about. As former voracious readers, it was the first year we didn’t need to escape into the fictional life of someone else to take us out of the doldrums of our own. We were finally living – really living – fully present in each second that passed. And as fate would have it, the day she came home for the holidays happened to be the same day (Dec. 21st – the end of the world) that we started this journey last year. The perfect day for us to get our first tattoos and commemorate how truly amazing the past year has been living a pura vida life.



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